TestBed, fixture, and other scary words.

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TestBed and fixture

TestBed is the main tool for integration tests. TestBed creates a component and template, which allows us to test them together. To create a new module for testing…

Writing simple isolated unit test

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Types of automated tests.

There are 3 main types of automated tests. There are no strict borders between them and it can be arguably hard to…

CRUD operations and table creation

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What is DynamoDB

DynamoDB is AWS NoSQL DB Service. The term “service” here means that Amazon takes care of the hardware, patching, and scaling. NoSQL Database is good for fast storage, which can easily scale horizontally. Also, it’s good in the case that your data doesn’t have a fixed set of fields. When each record seems like a document (that’s why Microsoft named his NoSQL DB DocumentDB). Billing for DynamoDB depends on few factors, such as read and write capacities.

Why C#?

In my previous article, I wrote about it. Here I can add that Amazon has a very good Data Model and Object persistent…

Simple operations to work with S3 bucket using C#

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Amazon S3 is the oldest service in AWS. I remember that I store photos here when I was very young and programmed on PHP. Despite this it still very popular and very actual.

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What is a static website?

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  1. PС notebook — not done. Because I didn’t find a side hustle…

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Magic symbol “%”.

Magic commands usually start with the special symbol “%”. Such commands as %debug or %time have this symbol at the beginning. So, when you see this symbol, you know that is the magic command.

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